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Ramchandar's Institute has admitted 312 primary decision candidates to its Class of 2017 for S.S.C. from an applicant pool that was both largest and most academically competitive in Mumbai.

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Students speak

Ramchandar's Institute has made its mark within the student community for decades. However we feel that every cohort of students leaves the particular mark of their collective character on this institution. We feel privileged and honoured to share the same with you. These young thoughts not only boost us an institution but also give us the will to strive further and share our years of knowledge and experience within the student community.

RI thoughts

"If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts."

- Albert Einstein

January 25,2015

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to..."

- Nelson Mandela

January 24,2015

"The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet."

- Aristotle

January 23,2015

News & Events

"Ramchandar's Institute is expanding throughout india...."

January 25,2015

"Stressed about your board exams? Simplified tips and tricks for a better..."

January 25,2015

School Section

Our 60 years of success in producing high rankers and over achievers in life from the students appearing for School/Board exams has won us the pupils and parents trust, making us a unique and unparalleled institute.


Junior College

Our meticulously designed quality coaching programmes ensure a student's optimum growth thus taking them to new heights. This approach helps our students secure higher grades for their College/Board exams.



Our conceptual as well as practical based training techniques ensure that we create doctors and scientists of the global future. Preparing students for their medical entrance exams is merely a part of what we do.



Synchronizing IIT-JEE coaching with a student's academic background gives us our individuality. Our creative teaching mediums ensure success for those who aspire intricate and distinctive IIT-JEE coaching.


Test Series

Our team of experienced faculty who ensure phenomenal growth in a student's academic life specially prepares our Test Series. These tests act as a checkpoint and reveal what the student has understood from every subject.



Degree Courses

Ramchandar's Institute helps a student build a strong foundation in commerce at college level. Having high rankers spread through different colleges of the city shows that we have become a phenomenon of sorts.

Our support to the student community extends to degree level courses where we carry our tradition of quality and excellence in coaching. We work with the students on a one to one basis and ensure that we produce winners.


Revision Camp

Our specialised camps focus on training and reiterating to the students the indispensable quality of each topic in every subject. They help students revise, imbibe and remember a subject thoroughly.


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